30 November 2008

we gave thanks

dance, dance, little lady,
leave tomorrow behind.
-noel coward

28 November 2008


Tune your discord-
ant cymbals
that they

no longer shiver
the inner canals
of my (now latched) ears.

Yes. My ears locked
against your wood spoon
on a tin pan. I

called the birds
to lift my hair
& they came

(they understand
the holy
& are ready

always to help
a girl in trouble. I
am my flying body. You,

an idea.
no less.

26 November 2008

pre-k thanksgiving feast

lend an ear

thanks to stephanie, i can't stop listening to lucy michelle and the velvet lapelles.  nothing like a girl and a ukulele...

23 November 2008

your fortune as told by the stars

Today's Times reports a surge in fretful visitors to fortune tellers since the Dow bust.
Perhaps it's time to twist my locks up in a scarf, rouge my lips, & dangle hoops from my ears...

You are fearless & courageous.

You are continually borrowing trouble.

You are kind & generous.

You are cunning & tricky.

Your happiness & prosperity depends solely upon yourself.

21 November 2008

John Waddell. He's still dead.

After riding the tumultuous waves of Wall St again this week, I poked around graveyard at Trinity Church for a little perspective.